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Crowdfunded NYC Cafe Wants to Print Your Face on Literally Everything

Coffee never tasted so self-absorbed

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GoFundMe/Edible Selffee

The so-called selfie generation strikes again: A startup wants to fulfill people’s dreams of drinking coffee emblazoned with their own face. The company, called Selffee (of course), has launched a $30,000 crowdfunding campaign to open a storefront slinging everything from beverages to cupcakes printed to order with customers’ selfies.

According to its IndieGoGo page, Selffee customers snap a photo of themselves using a proprietary app and then the image is printed directly onto food using “FDA certified edible inks” in just a few minutes. Selffee is aiming to open a flagship storefront in New York City in 2017 with plans for global expansion, because apparently this kind of extreme narcissism isn’t just reserved for Americans.

Selfies have become a favorite marketing scheme aimed at attracting those sweet millennial dollars. In 2015, Cinnamon Toast Crunch released limited-edition “selfie spoons” designed to help consumers capture those precious cereal-eating moments. Then last month, Coca Cola unveiled a new bottle designed to automatically take selfies. Of course, those interested in burning their visages into food at home can always pick up a selfie toaster online.

Will the edible selfie supplant the personalized coffee mug as a favorite gift for grandparents everywhere? We’ll have to wait and see. As of publication company has currently met about 36 percent of its funding goal.

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