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Watch: Starbucks’ New Animated Series Stars a Hipster Barista Cat

Three writers from ‘The Simpsons’ helped create ‘1st and Main’

What’s a Seattle-based coffee giant to do when it has already conquered the world of caffeinated beverages? Launch its own animated series, apparently. Starbucks has a new online cartoon called 1st and Main, the result of a collaboration with three writers from The Simpsons.

Joel Cohen, John Frink, and Rob LaZebnik apparently came up with the idea for 1st and Main because they regularly work out of a Starbucks in Los Angeles. The series will showcase “a cast of endearing cartoon animals inspired by real life customers and baristas,” according to a press release. The characters include anthropomorphized coffeeshop cliches such as “hipster barista cat,” a “beagle working on her first novel,” and “a highly distractable teenage rabbit who can talk and text at the same time.”

Starbucks will premiere the series online this Friday, and new episodes will drop each week.

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