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Avocado and Bacon Emojis Are Finally Here With Apple’s Latest iPhone Update

And they look good enough to eat


After they were approved in June, iPhone users can finally get a taste of the latest food and drink emojis. They come with iOS 10.2, which is now available for download. The days of bacon and avocado emoji-less life are, thankfully, behind us.

Emojis for pancakes, stuffed flatbread, paella, cucumber (or pickle), potato, kiwi, peanut, egg, salad, carrot, croissant, and baguette make their debut in iPhone’s latest mobile software. Not only are there new food emojis, the entire collection has received a makeover to appear more lifelike. These are all looking mighty tasty. Who’s hungry?

Considering the thick fog of anxiety and dread that has descended upon society in 2016, that new emoji depicting a tumbler filled with what appears to be brown liquor should be especially popular.

The masterminds behind this modern pictures-instead-of-words language never take a day off. They’re already hard at work tackling the next round of new emojis, which might include pie and hummus, among others.

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