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Watch Conan O'Brien Eat Schnitzel and Drink Beer in Berlin

He also gets a crash course in German restaurant etiquette

Late-night host Conan O’Brien took his TBS show on the road to Berlin last week, and naturally he drank his fair share of German beer. He also met up with Pitch Perfect’s Flula Borg for a crash course in German restaurant etiquette and to learn some traditional customs, such as looking deeply into each other’s eyes for way too long.

“Do you like hot and cold? Do you like both of the temperatures?” Borg asks before placing an order for a “slaughter platter.” As O’Brien puts it, “it’s just a bunch of animals were in a bus and it blew up.” They also get a plate of schnitzel which Borg insists O’Brien will love (“You will want to roll around in it”).

Of course, no German meal could be complete without beer and the two go for the full massive stein experience. “This is one German beer which equals 45 Bud Lights,” Borg explains. The pair toast with a “Prost!” and a long gaze at each other before tucking in and singing a drinking song called “One More Fits Inside You.”

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