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Watch: The Old-School Glamour of a Tableside Steak Diane at Brennan’s

Host Nick Solares indulges in one of the meatiest dishes New Orleans has to offer

The Meat Show's host and professional carnivore Nick Solares is on the road again, this time he's heading to Louisiana to eat his way through the meatiest dishes that New Orleans has to offer. To kick off the Big Easy tour, he stops into the classic French Quarter establishment Brennan's, which opened originally on Royal Street in 1946, for a plate of Steak Diane.

In one of Brennan's eight ornate dining rooms, Solares learns about the off-the-menu specialty named for the Roman goddess of the hunt, and its history as a Brennan's favorite. In a old school move, Steak Diane is prepared — button mushrooms, pyrotechnics, and all — tableside, which makes for a little of a dinner-and-a-show vibe, and accounts for its best-selling nature at Brennan's: No one can catch a whiff of a filet mignon being prepared across the dining room and not order one themselves. Watch the video above to see the preparation in action.

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