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Watch: Stephen Colbert Makes a Mockery of Trump and Romney’s Awkward Dinner

A meal of frog’s legs is just begging for a “drain the swamp” joke

No matter how awkward your Thanksgiving dinner was this year, know that former presidential candidate Mitt Romney had an even more uncomfortable dining experience this week: He shared a meal with President-elect Donald Trump at Jean-Georges, located inside one of Trump’s own buildings in Manhattan.

While the American public has gotten used to Trump eating KFC aboard private jets and feasting on taco bowls, he and Romney reportedly dined on "young garlic soup with thyme and sauteed frogs legs" — a meal that’s just begging for Late Show host Stephen Colbert to crack a "drain the swamp" joke.

The unlikely dining companions were also joined by Trump’s chief of staff, Republication National Committee chairman Reince Priebus (which, as Colbert notes, sounds like an item that could be on the menu when an overwrought French accent is applied).

A photo from the dinner featuring an embarrassed-looking Romney and a gleeful Trump quickly made its way across the internet picking up meme steam — largely because, as Colbert puts it, "Trump looks like he’s feasting on baby souls in that photo."

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