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The Best Election Day Tweets from Food Personalities Across the Country

All of the emotions

Padma Lakshmi/Twitter

Today — or sometime tonight — America finds out who the 45th President of the United States will be. Until then, we have Twitter. Here now, the best Election Day tweets from the food world elite.

Mario Batali responds to Ann Coulter’s tweet.

José Andrés agrees with his parody Twitter account today.

I can't vote yet in this country but I sure can encourage YOU to get out and do it! Today is the day people. #vote

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I voted...did you? #vote

A photo posted by Gale Gand (@chefgalegand) on

Garutti's rock the vote!

A photo posted by randygarutti (@randygarutti) on

#vote in case nobody told you, it's important...

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