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The Internet Mourns Francis, Furry Star of YouTube’s ‘Cooking With Dog’

He was 14 years old and has more than a million subscribers

Cooking With Dog

The internet has lost one of its most beloved cooking show stars: Francis, the canine co-host of long-running YouTube series “Cooking With Dog,” died over the weekend.

The show, which launched in 2009, features an Japanese woman known only as “Chef” preparing a variety of dishes — from traditional omelettes with rice to matcha panna cotta — with Francis serving as a trusty companion and narrator. The part of Francis is charmingly voiced by a man speaking English with a French accent, offering step-by-step instructions on how to chop onions and prepare dashi.

Cooking With Dog’s 1.25 million YouTube subscribers may have noticed the beloved poodle showing her age recently: In some of the most recent cooking videos, Francis, who once sat attentively at the chef’s side, was instead seen snoozing away in a dog bed.

Chef announced the sad news that Francis had died just short of his 15th birthday on Twitter yesterday:

News of the pup’s death quickly spread, and fans expressed their grief:

In honor of Francis’s untimely passing, here are some of the best Cooking With Dog videos of the 300-plus that have been posted.

Watch Francis whip up a green smoothie all by himself:

Francis calmly looks on as Chef prepares Japanese-style pancakes:

In one of the most popular dessert videos, Francis and Chef make airy souffle cheesecake:

And for those who really just want an extra dose of Francis, here he is playing at the park (no doubt thinking about which delicacy he’d be cooking for his fans next):

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