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Selling Ceviche on Facebook Can Get You Jail Time

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Your Facebook feed may be all engagement announcements, political news stories of dubious accuracy, and one-sentence rants in annoyingly large text, but beneath the surface lies a seedy underbelly — a thriving black market for (gasp) raw seafood.

A Sacramento woman could be facing jail time for hawking her homemade ceviche on Facebook, ABC 13 reports. Mariza Reulas, a single mother of six, has been cited by San Joaquin County for two misdemeanors after she was targeted in a sting operation.

The county apparently got wind of a local Facebook group, called the 209 Food Spot, where members in Northern California buy and sell food amongst themselves. Though the group’s rules state “It is each seller’s responsibility to ensure they are in compliance with local permitting requirements,” many of the sellers were operating without permits — sparking an undercover investigation that led to more than a dozen people being charged for operating a food facility and engaging in business without permits.

Reulas refused to take a plea deal that would’ve gotten her three years of probation for her ceviche sales, instead taking the case to trial where she could face up to one year in jail.

San Joaquin County says food being sold without being subject to health department inspection is dangerous for consumers — but besides seeming like an incredible waste of government resources, surely citizens can assess the risk of purchasing raw seafood over social media for themselves.

Mom Faces Jail Time for Selling Ceviche [ABC 13]

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