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You Will Probably Never Dine at Noma 1.0, René Redzepi’s Fairytale of Nordic Cuisine

Unless you know someone who knows someone


I tried to warn you. Noma, chef René Redzepi’s enchanted garden-cum-restaurant in Copenhagen, put its final two months of reservations out into the world at 10 a.m. CET (4 a.m. EST) Monday. Just five hours later, according to a busy phone signal and its reservation website, it is sold out.

Everything in orange is sold out.

That’s 44 days of lunches and dinners that went to luckier people than you. If you try to access the reservation site now you will likely be placed into a very long queue.


Unless you know someone — or know someone who knows someone — you probably will never dine at Noma 1.0, a temple of haute Nordic cuisine where dishes are sprinkled with fairy dust and real elves prance about the moss-covered dining room.

Fortunately, Noma will reopen — albeit in a different location and with a somewhat different style of menu, as yet TBD.

Oh well, at least you saved yourself somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500, which is approximately what it would cost for a single person to fly from a major U.S. city to Copenhagen, dine at Noma, stay the night, and then fly back.

Bummed about missing Noma 1.0? The wait list is still open. Good luck.

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