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Watch: Stephen Colbert Weighs In on 2016's Starbucks Red Cup Controversy

"The Late Show" host explains the latest caffeine-fueled war on Christmas narrative

The first week of November marked the kick-off of the, now annual, Starbucks cup controversy. People were, as usual, pissed that the coffee giant had the audacity to deny them a red Christmas-themed cup recalling last year's endless barrage of holiday cup complaints.

In this week's opening routine on The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert explains why people are angry about the pre-holiday cups. They're green with a picture of people drawn with one continuous line, "because what says Starbucks more than a line that goes on forever?" While the cup symbolizes unity, Colbert argues that people are "more divided than ever" by the design. So, he turns to God for some answers.

The people calling for a boycott of the Seattle-based chain won't have to wait too much longer for their red cup fix. The company confirmed this week that it's releasing a holiday design on November 10, and if this Reddit user's photo is to be believed we'll be back to decking coffee vessels with boughs of holly in no time.

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