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How to Make a DIY S'mores Rotisserie

Bring the fire pit inside

Tips and tricks guru Clifford Endo is back this week with more You Can Do This! — simple hacks for upping your home cooking game. Today, in honor of his s’mores-loving wife, Endo demonstrates how to build an adorable rotisserie s’mores maker with just a few tea light candles and some metal skewers. Watch the video above to see how it’s done, and then recreate the project at home to make batch after batch of oozy s'mores without the risk of forest fire.

Endo suggests using pliers to shape metal skewers into the perfect rotisserie spit and stands, to maximize mobility while also supporting the weight of the marshmallows while they cook. Then, he sets the apparatus above a series of tea lights, which gently cook the marshmallows as you spin the spin — and provides a little candle ambiance, ideal for a romantic dessert.

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