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Cubs Toast the End of a 108-Year Curse With 108 Bottles of Scotch

Cheers to that

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Yes, the Chicago Cubs are still World Series champions. It wasn’t a dream. They had a parade and everything. And while beer and cheap champagne are the traditional locker room beverages for postgame revelry, one Cub is toasting the franchise with a bit more class. To salute the end of a 108-year championship drought, centerfielder Dexter Fowler is giving out 108 bottles of scotch, TMZ reports.

Specifically, Fowler is gifting Johnny Walker Blue to coaches, players, and members of the Cubs' front office. The bottles are engraved with "108 Years Later, Fly the W, 2016," with the "W" a reference to Wrigley Field's "Cubs Win Flag." Johnny Walker Blue may have a bad reputation among scotch aficionados, but it’s a fine present for a bunch of baseball types who (no shade intended) might not have the sharpest palates.

It’s also quite expensive! A bottle purchased from online retailer Total Wine will set you back $205. So unless the distillery is offering Fowler a nice discount for buying in bulk, he likely spent roughly $22,000 on blended whisky. Although, each Cubs player took home a cool $512,000 bonus for winning the Series, according to Fortune, and Fowler’s salary totaled $8 million this season. He can afford to splurge on some celebratory hooch.

After the inevitable scotch-fueled rager that’s sure to be a result of Fowler’s generosity, members of the organization would be wise to consult world-traveling booze hound Anthony Bourdain for his advice on how to beat a hangover.

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