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Scott Walker’s Sad Desk Lunch Just Invited the /Shrug of the Internet

It’s sadder than yours

Scott Walker sad desk lunch Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Scott Walker — recalled and re-elected 45th and current Republican Governor of Wisconsin — has just made international news. Not for enacting political change or passing ground-breaking cheese legislation, no. His name is making headlines today because of one seemingly innocuous and yet ridiculous tweet in which he admits to having eaten two ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch “nearly everyday” for 26 years.

That works out to 18,980 sandwiches. He continues, “Like millions of Americans, I bring my own lunch to work.”

Scott Walker: He eats lunch at his desk and takes bad photos of himself holding mayonnaise jars... he’s just like us?

The tweet struck his Twitter audience as a) odd; and b) stupid. Below, some of the best reactions:

Of course, this wasn’t as newsworthy as his tweet earlier this week in which the Republican inadvertently endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. Suffice to say President Obama has better taste in food than Walker.

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