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José Andrés Rewards Voters With Tacos; Do You Wash Your Coffee Mug?

Five things to know today

Las Vegas Food & Wine Festival Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Barcelona Enterprises

Happy Friday, it’s the last weekend before Election Day. Will you celebrate by eating a taco bowl, or perhaps hitting up your friendly local taco truck? Either way, tacos have unquestionably become the unofficial food of the 2016 presidential race.

In today’s food news: chef José Andrés is celebrating democracy with free tacos; do you wash your coffee mug?; and working at Trader Joe’s maybe isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

— You should vote because democracy is important — but free food is nice, too. Inspired by POTUS telling people to go eat free Taco Bell after casting their ballots, Spanish-American superchef José Andrés (who recently received a National Humanities Medal from President Obama) says he’ll feed voters free tacos on Election Day at Oyamel, his DC Mexican restaurant:

— You wash your coffee mug after every use, right? Apparently some people don’t, and it turns out that’s perfectly fine, bacteria-wise — unless you use sugar and/or cream, in which case it might get moldy. (Of course, the military has known this for years — the Navy in particular has a longstanding tradition of never washing their cups.)

— Working at Trader Joe’s seems pretty chill (Hawaiian shirts! Cookie butter galore!) but some employees on the East Coast say they’ve been subject to “harsh and arbitrary treatment at the hands of managers, of chronic safety lapses and of an atmosphere of surveillance.” The company has had an unfair labor practices complaint filed against it with the National Labor Relations Board.

— The Big Mac is multiplying: McDonald’s recently tested mini and maxi versions of its signature burger in Ohio and Texas — called the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac — and it will begin serving them nationwide in early 2017.

— The team behind acclaimed Washington D.C. restaurant Equinox is opening an Israeli street food restaurant and a coffee shop inside the city’s forthcoming Museum of the Bible. Expect some backlash, because the museum is funded by the owner of Hobby Lobby, who made headlines back in 2014 for refusing to cover employees’ access to emergency contraception.

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