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Watch: Nick Solares' Japanese Wagyu Tour Ends With an 8-Course Meal

An extravagant beef-centric banquet prepared by Jean-Georges Tokyo chef Fumio Yonezawa

Host and professional carnivore Nick Solares has been on a tour of the process behind Japanese Wagyu beef in the last few episodes of The Meat Show: Japan, from the Kagawa farms where olive-fed Wagyu cattle is raised for Takamatsu's Kawai Trading Company, a wonderland of a meat distribution center responsible for getting the prized cuts to Japan's best restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets. On today's installment, the final in the series, Solares visits Jean-Georges Tokyo for a banquet celebrating the farmers and purveyors that participate in various steps of the Wagyu production process all across the country.

Solares and the other banquet guests dine on an extravagant, Wagyu-centric eight-course meal prepared by Jean-Georges Tokyo chef Fumio Yonezawa. Watch the video above for a look a the end of the Wagyu production cycle, prepared and plated in a myriad of ways to celebrate the meat's unique flavor and consistency.

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