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Watch Anthony Bourdain Discover 'the Real Rome' With Doughnuts and Pasta

The 'Parts Unknown' star isn't interested in ruins; he wants to do as the Romans do

It's already time for the season finale of Parts Unknown — time flies, doesn't it? To wrap up Season 8, jet-setting chef-turned-television host Anthony Bourdain heads to Rome, where he aims to discover the "real" version of the Italian capital. Bourdain isn't interested in ruins. He wants to do as the Romans do. This video offers a preview.

"To [filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini], it was the outskirts, the margins of Rome that were interesting and beautiful," Bourdain says in the clip. "The real Rome, not the temples and monuments of a long dead empire, a place where people struggled every day to live and to love."

Bourdain discovers "the real Rome" involves cappuccino and bombe (Italian doughnuts) for breakfast. Dinner is comforting pasta at an unassuming restaurant that the host refuses to name in order to protect its integrity.

The Parts Unknown season finale airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Get a sneak peek via the video above.

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