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Japan Uses Ramen to Get Elderly Drivers Off the Road

They just have to hand in their licenses

Dine In Harlem Dinner Series - Harlem EatUp! Festival Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Harlem EatUp!

Japan is in the midst of an increase in car crashes, primarily among elderly drivers, and one area of the country wants to use ramen to reduce the number of accidents. Japan’s Aichi prefecture wants to incentivize drivers of advancing years to turn in their licenses by offering discounts on ramen, the Guardian reports.

Seniors who elect to hand in their licenses will receive certificates that make them eligible for 15 percent discounts at the Sugakiya ramen chain’s 176 locations. The chain, which is known for creating a spork that’s specifically designed for eating ramen, has reportedly agreed to honor these discounts.

Japan has seen a recent spike in vehicle crashes involving drivers over age 74, according to a recent report from the Japan Times, but if enough seniors opt for ramen instead of driving, the hope is that the country will see lives saved. Over the past decade, automobile fatalities involving drivers age 74 and older rose from 7.4 to 12.8 percent, according to Japan’s National Police Agency.

The certificate given to those who turn in their licenses will be good for 15 percent off meals of ramen, rice, and salad, which check in at 500 yen, or a little more than $4.

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