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Burger King Pulls ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Off the Shelf to Sell Tater Tots

Who better?

Burger King has taken a break from dreaming up Whopper burritos and Cheetos chicken fries to push something slightly less off-the-wall: cheesy tater tots. And rather than trying to convince diners of the culinary merits of these not-really-that-appetizing-looking fried potato orbs, the chain’s marketing department has instead reached deep into America’s collective pop culture consciousness and pulled out the stars of the 2004 film Napoleon Dynamite.

A new ad spot recreates the cafeteria scene in which Napoleon (Jon Heder, now considerably less gangly and with way more facial hair) asks Pedro (Efren Ramirez) for some of his tater tots, only this time it’s in a Burger King instead. Sadly, the commercial stops short of Heder actually stuffing them in his pocket as he did in the film. (Another thing this ad is missing: a llama named Tina.)

For comparison’s sake, here’s what the duo looked like 12 years ago in the original scene:

The commercial may or may not succeed at convincing folks to hit the drive-thru, but plenty will probably dig their old Napoleon Dynamite DVDs out of storage.

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