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Watch: Chefs Alain Passard and Ludo Lefebvre Make the Lobster of Your Dreams

Passard's obsessive technique is mesmerizing

Delicate, sweet lobster meat should be handled with care, a fact that isn't lost on chefs Alain Passard and Ludo Lefebvre. In this video from The Mind of a Chef, Passard demonstrates how to prepare the crustacean with stock infused by its smoked shell, taking the utmost care, and Lefebvre looks on in wonderment.

"When I was working with Mr. Passard, he was all about the school of fire, the flame — how to control the flame, your heat," Lefebvre says in the scene.

"I always say, master the flame," Passard responds. "Warm up to it. Don't burn the product. You have to work hard for it. It's a game. You have to be quiet and listen."

"The song of the fire," Lefebvre agrees. They're rather obsessive.

Watch the video above and witness two chefs romanticize shellfish and flame as if it were their own flesh and blood.

Alain Passard And Ludo Lefebvre Make Brittany Lobster [YouTube]
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