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Anthony Bourdain Reveals His Surefire Hangover Cure

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A recipe for an easier morning after

Anthony Bourdain sitting at a bar
Anthony Bourdain.

Anthony Bourdain, the road warrior ex-chef who makes a living eating and drinking around the globe, knows a thing or two about cocktail flu. Remember that San Francisco episode of The Layover? He was hammered. And in a recent trip to London for Parts Unknown, Bourdain managed to acquire a titanic hangover worthy of Brexit comparison.

Chicago Cubs players, who snapped the franchise’s 108-year World Series drought Wednesday night, likely woke up Thursday in a world of hurt. The television host, booze hound that he is, would be an excellent consultant for these fine-tuned athletes who might need help on the road to recovery. You’re in luck, Cubbies, because the paparazzi extraordinaire at TMZ caught up with Bourdain and asked for his advice on the subject.

"Aspirin, cold Coca-Cola, smoke a joint, eat some spicy Sichuan food — works every time," Bourdain says, straight and to the point. He also hands Chicago another victory by declaring it a superior food city to Cleveland.

However, the science behind these remedies is shaky. Researchers have found there isn’t much truth most of the popular "cures," such as spicy or greasy foods, aside from a possible placebo affect. Bourdain is on the right track with his suggestion of aspirin, which can help with some symptoms, and he’d be wise to replace the Coca-Cola with water to fight dehydration.

The only way to really beat a hangover, it seems, is not to get blitzed out of your mind the night before. What’s the fun in that?

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