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Watch: How Sausage Is Made, From Whole Animal to Link

Brooklyn's Meat Hook butcher shop shows us how it's really done

They say there are two things you don't want to see get made: laws and sausages. The Eater Video team has not spent any significant amount of time with Congress, but we did get behind the counter at the Meat Hook recently and can confidently say that the sausage-making process is not only delightful, but a little mesmerizing as well.

The Meat Hook in Northern Brooklyn is a whole-animal butcher shop known for selling meat from small, local family farms, and for producing a rotating selection of sausage varieties entirely in-house. (They're also the masterminds behind a truly insane Italian sandwich, which you can check out on an episode of Deconstructed.) Watch the video above for a look at how the Meat Hook butchers create their parmesan and parsley pork sausage, from breaking down the animal to setting the finished product out for display.

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Meat Hook Sandwich

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