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Yelp Wants You to Put Your Face on Every Review You Write

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'Yelfies' will allow you to take your narcissism to the next level

This is where we are: yelfies.

Like professional restaurant critics, Yelpers attempt to shape their cities’ dining scenes, penning amateur reviews and shooting cell phone photos of food. Unlike the pros, however, the average Yelper isn’t interested in anonymity. With growing its user base in mind, the review platform is making it a little easier to get Yelp famous. Behold: the “Yelfie.”

If it looks familiar, you’re probably comparing Yelp’s new toy to Snapchat, the social media platform most beloved by today’s young folks. Hey, Instagram has already swiped some of Snapchat’s key features, so why not Yelp? The company says its engineers developed the Yelfie at a hackathon conference, and the feature is live for iPhone and Android users. Now every time you check in and write a review, you can attach your smiling face for all the world to see (or, if you’re going one-star, maybe share your best Crying Jordan pose).

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