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Watch: Korean Barbecue Never Looked So Glamorous

At NYC's Kristalbelli, each table is complete with a clear, crystal grill top

Eater's deep dive into Korean cuisine has made for all kinds of incredible meals, from fusion to home cooking to the ubiquitous barbecue. Today, Eater LA editor and host Matthew Kang continues the tour in this week's segment at Kristalbelli, a high-end New York Korean barbecue establishment known for its unique grilling set-up.

At Kristalbelli — one of the best places for Korean barbecue in the city — each table is adorned with a clear, crystal grill top, custom made for the restaurant and shipped from Korea. The crystal is able to achieve an incredibly high temperature and ensures an even sear, while also allowing the griller to slice meat directly on its surface without fear of scratches. On top of the crystal (literally), Kristalbelli offers diners dry-aged and Wagyu beef, doubling down on elevating Korean barbecue to fine dining. Watch the video above to learn more.

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