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Watch: A Brief History of Julia Child, as Told by a Drunk Person

Comedy Central's 'Drunk History' tells the story of a culinary legend

Late culinary goddess Julia Child frequently sipped wine on the set of her iconic cooking show, The French Chef, and getting slightly tipsy only helped her further charm viewers with her masterful preparations of omelets, souffles, and coq au vin.

So it seems only appropriate that Comedy Central's Drunk History would relay the tale of Child's incredible life. As comedian Lyric Lewis explains between sips of a cocktail, long before the six-foot-three Child was a cultural icon, she worked for the government agency that would become the CIA and was once charged with concocting shark repellent for underwater bombs.

Meanwhile, fans who want to star in their own dramatic reenactment of Child's life can do just that, for a price: The French countryside cottage where she frequently vacationed with her husband Paul is being turned into a culinary retreat, and can be rented via Airbnb for around $600 a night.

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