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This Pumpkin Spice Latte Comes With a Miniature Pumpkin Pie on Top

Your move, Starbucks

The pumpkin spice latte market is getting crowded, forcing would-be PSL purveyors to innovate in order to stand out from the crowd. Since the beverage’s flavor profile is inspired by pumpkin pie, and not actual pumpkin, one Los Angeles coffeeshop has come up with the perfect garnish. Behold: The miniature pumpkin pie-topped PSL at Go Get Em Tiger.

The beverage, available this Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., has become a Thanksgiving tradition for the shop in recent years. Break the pie into the beverage, consume, and let the autumn-inspired basicness wash over you.

The next-level PSL isn’t the only eye-popping Turkey Day special from Go Get Em Tiger. Eater LA has a look at the full menu, which includes a gingerbread latte (actually a milkshake garnished with a gingerbread cookie), peppermint mocha (peppermint ganache mixed with espresso, topped with mint-infused whipped cream and a candied mint leaf, served in an edible chocolate cup), and toffee nut latte (an homage to Cup O’ Noodles: a cup of toffee, instant coffee, steamed almond macadamia milk).

Starbucks might have a PSL mascot with its own Twitter account, but Go Get Em Tiger is bringing the heat. It might be time for the Seattle-based behemoth to step up its game.

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