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Cheetos-Branded Accessories Are Selling Like Cheesy Hotcakes

Even the $20,000 jewelry set has sold out

Cheetos Store

Thanksgiving ushers in a rush on holiday shopping, and Frito-Lay has its own ideas about what food lovers should purchase this year. Last Friday, the company launched a Cheetos store that features absurdly expensive and “dangerously cheesy” items, some of which are (believe it or not) already sold out.

The online store is peddling some everyday items, such as Colour de Cheetos bronzer, along with silver cufflinks and perfume, but the big-ticket items are the ones that flew off the virtual shelves.

The only available “Eye of the Cheetah” ring and earring set, priced at $20,000, has already been purchased, and shoppers rapidly drained the Cheetos store’s stockpile of $60 “flamin’ hot pants” that were printed with a collage of Cheetos bags.

While the $40 onesie that makes any wearer look just like Chester the Cheetos cheetah is also sold out, Cheetos fans need not fret: items still in stock include an orange Speedo (technically named “Chester Cheetah’s Bathing Briefs”), the Cheetos bronzer, orange toilet “paw-per,” and a cheetah paw oven mitt, for all your baking needs.

The Cheetos brand joins the likes of Taco Bell and McDonald’s in producing non-food items for junk food fans to purchase. Taco Bell’s retail shop in Las Vegas sells branded souvenirs alongside Doritos Locos Tacos, including towels printed to look like hot sauce packets, and McDonald’s produced a line of athleisure clothing for Australian consumers in honor of the Rio Olympics.

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