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Watch: The Century-Old Market That Remains a Beloved Community Center

Some things have changed at Sweet Auburn Curb Market, but it's still the heart of the community

In Atlanta, Georgia, one century-old market that was created initially to help revitalize the city after a disaster remains a beloved center for community and commerce. Today's documentary from the Southern Foodways Alliance film program features the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, the only public market in Atlanta, located in the historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. Watch the video above for a look at the space, and to hear from both employees and customers for whom the market plays an important role.

The Sweet Auburn Curb Market began as an open air marketplace for farmers to sell produce and livestock after the Great Fire of 1917, as an effort to revitalize the area. A brick and mortar building was erected to house the market a few years later thanks to the Women's Club of Atlanta, which still bustles with sellers and shoppers from all across the city every day. Though some features of the market have changed with the times — customers no longer have to select from live animals and wait for them to be butchered on the spot — much of the organization remains the same, and acts as the heart of the Auburn community.

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Sweet Auburn Curb Market

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