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Watch: Sampling the Best Local Products in Seattle

Salmon, oysters, and even pupusas at the U District Farmers Market

This episode of Dining on a Dime captures the best of Seattle — a farmers market with a variety of meat, seafood, produce, and prepared food vendors that reflect the region's wealth of local producers and purveyors. The University District farmers market is the oldest of the Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets, a year-round affair held every Saturday populated by dozens of vendors stretching up University Way. The participants promote locally-sourced and locally-farmed food, educate visitors about how to preserve local farmland, and advocate for low income benefits programs to facilitate more equal access to food.

In this week's episode, host Lucas Peterson conducts a mini-tour of some of the best stalls this market has to offer — from salmon to oysters and even pupusas. Peterson learns about some different kinds of salmon at Loki Fish, then heads over to try his hand at shucking an oyster for the very first time (and hopefully not lose a hand in the process). He talks to local musicians and artists before digging into some pupusas: The gooey, stuffed corn pocket that's filled with cheese, meat, and vegetables, fried on a griddle, and is the national dish of El Salvador.

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