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Cheetos-Branded Bronzer Makes it Easy to be Cheesy

A shortcut to that vibrant orange glow

Cheetos bronzer Cheetos

Frito-Lay has been been producing Cheetos since the company's founding in 1961, so obviously the next step is to move on from junk food into high fashion. The company has launched an online Cheetos store, offering "the best gifts you could give or receive this holiday season." The shop features items such as Cheetos-styled silk scarves, cufflinks, and bronzer. Brands: What’ll they think of next?

The bronzer, officially dubbed Colour de Cheetos, will give any user a "vibrant Cheetos glow." Which, why? Is it a good idea to spend $12 on this? Makeup that makes one resemble a cheese-flavored snack doesn’t sound like a best-seller, but is it possible Cheetos bronzer already has a major celebrity endorsement? Perhaps.

For those who love Cheetos but don’t want to glow like an actual Cheeto, a big ol’ Chester Cheetah onesie might be more your speed. Or, dudes, you might want to show off your killer Cheetos bod with a bright orange Speedo-style swimsuit. Cheeteau perfume could be the perfect gift for Grandma.

Sadly, the shop’s Cheetos-branded leggings and paw-shaped lounge chair are already sold out. Whatever you do, please do not purchase a $20,000 Cheetos jewelry set.

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