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The 4 Key Dishes of Korean-Chinese Fusion Food

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Eater LA editor Matthew Kang continues his exploration into Korean cuisine at New York's Hanjan

To continue his exploration into Korean cuisine, Eater LA editor Matthew Kang hopped a transcontinental flight to the East Coast, to sample the casual and high-end Korean offerings available in New York City. First up, Kang visits Hanjan, a Korean-Chinese fusion restaurant just south of Manhattan’s Koreatown district.

While Korean-Chinese cuisine might sound like the experiment of a mash-up-minded chef, it is in fact a true subset of both Korean and Chinese cooking, which originated in the northern parts of both nations, where they meet. Hooni Kim, Hanjan’s chef and owner, pays homage to the flavors he remembers from his childhood in his restaurant, and is eager to share the sometimes-overlooked Korean food genre with others. Watch the video above to see Kang taste what he considers the four backbone dishes of Korean-Chinese fusion — gun mandu (deep fried dumplings), tang su yuk (sweet and sour pork), jiajiangmyun (black bean noodles) and cham pong (spicy seafood noodle soup) — and to learn more about the philosophy behind Kim’s cooking.

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