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LOL People’s ‘Sexiest Chef’ List Includes a Bunch of Dudes Over 50

Alton Brown, Tom Colicchio, Paul Hollywood

National Television Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals
Paul Hollywood, one of the sexiest chefs ALIVE
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

We’ll begrudgingly overlook the fact that a listicle with the headline ‘These Are the Sexiest Chefs Alive 2016’ includes no women, because it is part of People magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ package. (Maybe fix the headline, no?) But if we’re going to get down and dirty and objectify some men can we at least put a little more effort into it?

Here’s People’s list in full:

  • legitimately Hot (and former underwear model) Franco Noriega
  • legitimately attractive Louis Maldonado
  • legitimately attractive (45 year-old) Ludo Lefebvre
  • adorable (44 year-old) Gabriele Corcos
  • attractive (though braces-clad) Edouardo Jordan
  • totally alright James Briscione
  • hmmmm, but okay Bryan Voltaggio
  • 60 YEAR-OLD Anthony Bourdain
  • 54 YEAR-OLD Tom Colicchio
  • 54 YEAR-OLD Paul Hollywood
  • 54 YEAR-OLD Alton Brown

So the creepy judge from Great British Bake-Off, the husky bald guy with a soul patch from Top Chef, everyone’s favorite dorky dad Alton Brown, and badass but factually old TV star is the best we’ve got.

To be fair, we should celebrate People for not falling into the agist trap. Looking forward to seeing all the 45 - 60 year-old chefs they put on the female version of this list.

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