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How to Make Lady Gaga’s Favorite Turkey

No, it doesn’t involve a meat dress

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Four years ago, Lady Gaga’s father Joe Germanotta and chef Art Smith opened a restaurant in New York City named after Gaga’s aunt and namesake. Joanne Trattoria garnered positive reviews that same year, and remains a fixture in its Upper West Side Manhattan neighborhood.

Now, Papa Gaga has released a cookbook filled with aunt Joanne’s recipes — the same recipes for hearty Italian-American food Lady Gaga grew up on. Joanne Trattoria Cookbook: Classic Recipes and Scenes from an Italian-American Restaurant is available for order now at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Superfans will want to buy it because Lady Gaga wrote the foreword. But for everyone else, there are dozens of recipes to peruse. Find the recipe below in the section dedicated to Thanksgiving, a collaboration between the Gaga clan and Smith. Like all things Gaga, it’s over-the-top: A deep-fried turkey scented with Italian herbs.

Fried Turkey

Inspired by Chef Art’s famous fried chicken, this Thanksgiving Fried Turkey is a great spin on the holiday classic.

Serves: 6


1 (10–12 lb.) whole turkey

1 1⁄2 tbsp. each: dry sage, thyme, Italian parsley, garlic powder 1 tbsp. each: onion powder, salt and black pepper

3 gallons peanut oil, for frying


• Preheat oil to 375 degrees.

• Remove giblets and neck from body cavities of turkey. Discard or refrigerate for another use. Pat turkey dry with paper towels to ensure less oil splatter when frying. Do not use the turkey lifter in fryer.

• Combine all the dry ingredients and rub the turkey with them.

• Place turkey, breast side up, in basket. Slowly lower basket into hot oil, being cautious of splattering oil. Maintain oil temperature at about 350 degrees.

• Fry turkey for 3.5 minutes per pound. (Do not open the fryer until the designated time is up.) Remove from oil to check if done. Insert an instant-read thermometer into thickest part of thigh, not touching bone. Temperature should read 180 degrees.

• Remove the turkey and place it on a wooden board to cool.

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