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Watch: Amaze Your Guests With Buttery Candles That Double As Sauce

The finishing touch for your main course will be under their noses the whole time

On this week’s episode of You Can Do This! tricks and tips guru Clifford Endo teaches you how to blow the minds of any and all dinner guests you may be entertaining in the coming holiday season, with the aid of brown butter candles. Adorable and edible, these decorative touches double as the final element of your main course.

Endo starts the process by making clarified brown butter infused with thyme and garlic. Then, with the addition of a little lemon zest, he adds the liquid butter to a few empty votive candle holders, and slides in a stand-able wick (Endo cautions to be sure to use wicks coated in ghee rather than the standard waxy versions, which can be toxic, or just make your butter taste funky). After the butter sets, lighting the candle will remelt it from the top, creating the perfect sauce to pour over a plate of fish or chicken. Watch the video above to see how it’s done.

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