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Restaurant Trolls Customers With Wifi Password Only a Mathematician Could Solve

This is just cruel


Wifi pretty much ranks up there with food and shelter as a basic human need these days — but not all business owners enjoy internet connection leeches hanging around all day. The owner of a Thai restaurant in San Antonio apparently wants to make their customers work for it, offering up a complex math equation that customers must solve for the password.

Redditor Joshua_Glock posted a photo of the sign displayed at Yaya’s Thai Restaurant — displaying a series of variables, fractions, and symbols that would perhaps befuddle even Will Hunting — asking his fellow Redditors for assistance.

His cry for help inspired nearly 500 comments worth of math-inclined Redditors attempting to hash out the problem, throwing out phrases like “binomial random variable,” “cumulative distributive function,” and “random variable M” alongside suggestions for possible passwords. Some speculated that the restaurant doesn’t even actually have wifi (its Yelp profile seems to indicate it does not), but an employee reached at the restaurant confirms the restaurant does indeed offer wifi.

Despite all the hoopla on Reddit, it seems the owners of the restaurant will actually share the password if customers ask nicely, the San Antonio Express-News reports.

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