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President Obama Advises Eating at Taco Bell After You Vote

“If you can find the time to get a free taco, then you can find the time to go vote.”

President Obama Campaigns For Hillary Clinton In Ohio Photo by Ty Wright/Getty Images

While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Ohio yesterday, President Obama made an unusual request of voters: Head to your polling locations, cast an early vote, then head to Taco Bell for a free taco afterward.

The fast food chain’s “steal a base, steal a taco” promotion meant that, if a base was stolen by any player for either team during any game of the 2016 World Series championship, Taco Bell stores would offer one free Doritos Locos taco to every person in the U.S.

Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor became a fast-food hero of sorts when he stole second in the bottom of the first inning in Game One. Today, the chain rewards everyone in America for Lindor’s skills, offering free tacos at participating locations Wednesday from 2 to 6 p.m. POTUS, for one, is pretty excited about it.

“Because I’ve been watching the World Series, I am aware that because Francisco Lindor stole second base in Game One, everyone in America gets a free taco at Taco Bell tomorrow,” said Obama, before pointing to a rowdy audience member at a Clinton rally on Tuesday. “I mean this guy is so fired up about the free taco, look at him! I have never seen anybody so excited about free tacos than this guy right here.”

“There is a reason I am bringing this up,” continued Obama. “If you can find the time to get a free taco, then you can find the time to go vote. If you can find the time to go to Taco Bell, you can find the time to...find your nearest early voting location and cast your ballot.”

“Although election day may be one week away, here in Ohio, you can vote right now,” noted Obama. (Election day is November 8 but several states, including Ohio, allow for early voting, which is currently ongoing.) “You can vote, and then go get your taco! It’s like a combo meal. You get something good for your soul and then you get something good for your appetite.”

The only question is, does POTUS prefer Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese?

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