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Alton Brown’s Internet Cooking Show Will Basically Be Good Eats 2.0

He’s also working on a late-night variety show for Food Network

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Last month Food Network icon and all-around culinary world hero Alton Brown dangled the idea that Good Eats might be making a comeback, and fans ate it up. It’s been five long years since the beloved series went off the air and frankly, Cutthroat Kitchen just isn’t filling the Good Eats-shaped hole in our hearts.

In a Facebook Live broadcast over the weekend, Brown finally disclosed more info on his upcoming cooking show project: It will be in the same vein as the dearly beloved Good Eats, but Brown says he’ll have more freedom since he won’t be under the reign of corporate television overlords.

Brown solicited ideas from fans watching the Facebook Live for things to cook on the upcoming series; expect to see things such as biscotti, sous vide techniques, more smoked meats, poutine, Hawaiian food, and possibly even some gluten-free baking.

Other tidbits gleaned from Brown’s Facebook Live chat:

He’s planning a “late-night variety talk show” on Food Network. Could Brown be the next Fallon or Kimmel?

— He’s done with Cutthroat Kitchen. Brown previously mentioned he was “taking a break” from filming the series, and now he admits that after 200-plus episodes, he’s “had enough.”

— He will however, be reprising his hosting role on Iron Chef America, with new episodes slated for next year.

— He’s going to write a weight loss book — specifically, one about the difficulties of losing weight and keeping it off. (On that note, he has stopped wearing his formerly signature bow-ties, proclaiming they make everyone “look pudgier than they really are.”)

Watch the hour-long Facebook Live chat in its entirety, below:

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