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Watch: Assembling a Filipino Kamayan Feast at Jeepney

The spread includes a whole roast pig stuffed with longganisa sausage

At Jeepney, the Filipino restaurant in New York's East Village helmed by chef Miguel Trinidad, kamayan night means sticky fingers and full stomachs. Kamayan characterizes the experience of the meal, which is always the same, thought the menu can change: Every dish, including the rice, is intricately laid out on the table, on a layer of banana leaves, for the guests to enjoy with their hands.

On this episode of Deconstructed, the Eater video team documents a kamayan from start to finish, featuring a positively dizzying amount of food. A whole suckling pig — stuffed with aromatics and spicy longganisa sausage — sticky-sweet pork ribs, deep fried lumpia, coconut milk-braised chicken drumsticks, and more adorn the center of the table, begging to be laid into by hungry guests. Watch the video above to see the elaborate, decadent meal come together.

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