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Watch: The Secret to Crispier Pie Crusts

Because no one wants a soggy bottom

We are down to the final stretch in terms of holiday pie preparation, but if you’re still working out the kinks in your crust game, ChefSteps is here to help. Watch the video above to learn two easy steps to crafting crispy, flaky, golden-brown pie crusts every single time — with nary a soggy bottom in sight.

First, says ChefSteps co-founder Grant Crilly, the color of your pie pan matters. Select a darkly tinted pan to maximize the amount of heat transferred to your dough. Next, bake your pie in three stages. Start at a high temperature to set the crust, decrease the temperature to cook the filling, then finish with the heat turned way up, to crisp the edges and top. Try these tricks out on your favorite pie recipes for success again and again — or check out ChefSteps for new pie ideas.

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