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Dozens of Drunk Guy Fieris Set to Swarm Manhattan

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Brace for the first-ever FieriCon bar crawl

A wild pack of Guy Fieri lookalikes will terrorize the streets of Midtown Manhattan this weekend. Do not confuse them with the four horsemen of the apocalypse, however — it’s just FieriCon.

A themed bar crawl in the vein of SantaCon, the inaugural event will provide an opportunity for Fieri fans to dress up like their Donkey Sauce-slinging idol while traveling from bar to bar consuming copious amounts of alcohol. (What could possibly go wrong?)

Attendees are not only encouraged to dress up like Guy Fieri (here’s a quick guide to assembling a proper costume), but also to talk like him: FieriCon’s organizer explains, “This day is dedicated to talking like Guy Fieri. I don't want to feel persecuted for describing food as being ‘off the hook’, I want to be celebrated for that.”

Other choice catchphrases that will probably be used: “Out of bounds,” “This [insert food item] is totally gangster,” and “I’d eat that off a flip flop.”

The final destination for the bar crawl is Fieri’s predictably terrible yet incredibly lucrative Times Square restaurant, Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar, where FieriCon attendees will presumably soak up the booze with cajun chicken alfredo and buffalo bleu-sabi wings.

Believe it or not, Eater NY editor Greg Morabito prophesied this very event some three years ago:

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