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Watch: Ichiran’s First US Location Has Its Very Own Noodle Factory

The Brooklyn ramen shop does it all under the same roof

When Ichiran, the popular Japanese ramen chain, touched down in the U.S. to open its first state-side location, noodles were a top priority. In order to serve the same high-quality dishes the company was accustomed to serving in Japan (though, admittedly, for significantly more money), Ichiran constructed a dedicated noodle-making facility under the same roof as the restaurant, which services just the Bushwick, Brooklyn location of the chain. Watch the video above for a look behind the scenes at Ichiran’s ramen factory to see exactly where the restaurant’s noodles come from.

After leaving the factory portion of the establishment, Ichiran’s noodles end up in bowl after bowl of the steamy, pork-based broth served in the unique dining room. For a look at what a visit to Ichiran entails (hint: this is NOT the place to take a first date), check out the episode of Consumed, hosted by Eater NY News Editor Serena Dai, below:

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