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Trump-Faced Potatoes Are a Thing You Can Send to Your Friends

“These are the BEST potatoes, ok? The BEST.”

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Potato Parcel/Screenshot

In this, our collective post-election haze, one entrepreneurial site is capitalizing on both the cheer and loathing surrounding president-elect Donald Trump. Potato Parcel, a website known for slinging potatoes that carry customized messages, now offers a potato that features both a message and Trump’s face (ego not included).

If you have a spare $14.99 lying around and want to make or ruin someone’s day with an angry potato, Potato Parcel will slap a Trump sticker on a tuber and mail it anywhere in the U.S. (or Canada, the UK, and Europe). You can also add a personal note to the potato, just in case Trump’s bright, shouting face isn’t enough of a message.

It’s too soon to tell just how popular the Trump Potato will be, but if it turns out to be as much of an internet hit as these decorated bananas, Potato Parcel could be on the winning end of this election.

The company appears to have been prepared for either outcome of the election, with “Trumptatoes” and “Clintatoes” already in the pipeline.

For those less politically-inclined, the potatoes can also be customized with different (non-Trump) portraits or photos, called “potato pals” or “potato postcards.” Potato Parcel has appeared on Shark Tank, and drew praise from investor and commentator Kevin O’Leary, who shared his excitement about the unique tubers on Instagram:

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