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Watch: The Biggest Soup Dumpling in New York Needs to Be Eaten With a Straw

At Drunken Dumpling, each soupy treat takes up a whole steam basket

A soup dumpling done correctly is an undeniable force of comfort: Steamy, flavorful soup with just the right amount of chunky filling, swaddled in an adorable and perfectly pleated wrapper. At Drunken Dumpling, a small counter-service shop in New York City's East Village, owner Yuan Lee and his mother, chef Qihui Guan, are causing a stir with their update on the beloved classic, called the "XL Xiao Long Bao." An enormous dumpling filled with chunks of crab, scallop, and shrimp floating in a rich broth, the giant snack is encompassed in a surprisingly thin wrapper, and comes with a straw for easy consumption.

On this episode of Consumed, Eater NY News Editor Serena Dai — with The Meat Show's Nick Solares in tow — drops by Drunken Dumpling to sample one of these giant, broth-filled packets (in addition to a few baskets of the normal-sized variety). Does bigger mean better when it comes to soup dumplings? Watch the video above to find out.

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Drunken Dumpling

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