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Coca-Cola’s Selfie Bottle Will Quench Your Thirst for Attention

The favorite drink of narcissists everywhere 

Coca-Cola Israel

The marriage of food and highly unnecessary, high-tech packaging continues: Coca-Cola has unveiled a soda bottle that automatically takes a selfie every time someone takes a swig, Business Insider reports.

As some social media users note, this might spell the end of civilization as we know it:

The base of the selfie bottles includes a built-in camera, complete with a sensor to detect a 70-degree drinking tilt, “at which point the camera fires up to take a snap of its owner mid-drink.” The photos can then be shared on social media, because of course.

The bottle was devised by Coca-Cola Israel and, sadly for narcissists everywhere, isn’t available to the masses. Only a limited number were produced for Israel’s “novelty drinks” market, according to MediaPost.

The selfie bottle is the latest in a slew of odd high-tech food packaging. In June, KFC unveiled a grease-stained fried chicken box that doubles as a phone charger (released on the heels of a chicken bucket that also works as a photo printer). Shortly after, Pizza Hut pandered to DJs with pizza boxes that function as working turntables.

This isn’t Coke’s first flirtation with the world of tech-y packaging, either: Earlier this year, the brand unveiled a new design for its retail packaging in which the cardboard can be folded into virtual reality glasses.

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