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Watch: How to Make Hard Apple Cider, From Grove to Bottle

It's really quite simple

With leaves falling and temperatures cooling, it's a fine time to enjoy a glass of apple cider. The autumnal beverage can be had in its non-alcoholic state, but if you're really looking for a warmer-upper, you'll want a hard variety. What goes into making hard cider? This video from How to Make Everything explains the process.

It's really quite simple with the proper equipment. Once you've picked fresh apples, break them down into small chunks and give them a good press to extract the juice. Leave that to ferment anywhere from a week to a year, and you'll have thirst-quenching, apple-y booze.

But, apples aren't the only crops one can use to make cider. As you'll see in the video above, the beverage can be augmented with cherries, wheat, hops, cinnamon, and even durian. If you're curious how those ciders would turn out, watch the below video to see a taste test in action.

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