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Anthony Bourdain's Worst Airport Meal Still Haunts Him to This Day

Last night on Conan, he also confessed his fast-food guilty pleasure

Chef-turned-author-turned-CNN host Anthony Bourdain has a pretty enviable life, racking up more frequent flier miles than most of us could ever dream of and eating everything in sight along the way. He’s eaten at some of the world’s finest restaurants, taken a boat ride down the Congo, and slurped noodles with President Obama — but, just like the rest of us, he occasionally falls victim to a truly terrible airport meal.

Last night on Conan, Bourdain described a truly "soul-destroying" experience at an airport location of faux-retro burger chain Johnny Rocket’s; even though it was three and a half years ago, the trauma of that cold burger patty and greasy fries still haunts him to this day.

Also, if you spot Bourdain trying to look incognito while ducking into a KFC for a greasy fast-food fix, please refrain from asking him for a selfie — or at least, give the guy a break and don’t broadcast to all your Instagram followers that he’s paying Colonel Sanders a visit.

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