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Donald Trump Ditches Press Pool to Indulge in (Probably) Well-Done Steak

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He also ordered a virgin bloody mary

Mitch McConnell Meets With Trump And Pence On Capitol Hill Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The president-elect, who just days ago hired a well-known white nationalist as his chief strategist, ordered a virgin Bloody Mary with his (most likely) well-done steak at the 21 Club in Midtown Manhattan last night. According to Politico, Donald Trump ditched his press pool for the two-hour meal, where he was joined by his family.

Though presidents-elect have traditionally been followed by the press throughout their transition, Trump left reporters in the dark about his whereabouts last evening, though some were able to catch a glimpse of the family entering the 21 Club:

The Daily Mail reports that Trump and co. sat at Table 11, the preferred table of Gerald Ford and his wife during his presidency. As Eater New York notes, 21 Club has a longstanding tradition of hosting presidents while they are in office — though five years ago, a maitre d’ told Eater that George W. broke the streak. President Obama never made it in, either.

It’s unclear what Trump ordered for dinner, though the 21 Club is well-known for its steaks at an average price of $64. The candidate's preference for well-done steak is well-documented.

One reporter, however, did determine Trump’s beverage of choice: While his transition team appears to be falling apart and hate crimes surge in the wake of his election, The Donald — a known teetotaler — apparently toasted his victory with a virgin bloody mary.

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