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The 5 Best Moments From Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, Episode 2

Featuring live lobsters, bling, and Rick Ross hitting on Martha


Last night VH1 blessed the world with a bright, vodka-soaked ray of sunshine in the form of episode two of Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.

While last week’s premiere was an hour, going forward it’s being squeezed into a half-hour time slot, giving us only a paltry 22 minutes of the dynamic domestic diva-gangster rapper duo. Nonetheless, the two — along with rapper Rick Ross and swimsuit model Ashley Graham — managed to squeeze plenty of hijinks in, in between preparing a pitcher full of vodka martinis and preparing a lobster bake.

In case you missed it, here are the best five moments from episode two:

1) Snoop Plays Mixologist

Martha instructed her co-host in the fine art of martini-making, which in this case meant upending an entire bottle of vodka and a tiny splash of vermouth into an oversized silver cocktail shaker — one that, in Snoop’s words, “looks like what they put my Uncle Rodney’s ashes in.” Snoop shakes it up like the fedora-clad mixologist at your local speakeasy, et voila: Everyone proceeds to get sauced, including the audience.

2) Rick Ross Macks on Martha Hard

The rapper begins by presenting her with a lavish gift of a gold cheese grater on a chain, leading Martha to confess, “This is my first piece of real bling.” He then invites her to live in his 100-room mansion and subtly infers they could have sex all over said mansion. (Yes, that happened.)

3) Snoop Goes Fishing for Lobster

Despite confessing that he’s “ghetto bourgie” and typically has someone else do the lobster-catching for him, Rick Ross deftly plucks a crustacean from the water. A considerably more terrified Snoop resorts to a cut-proof stainless steel glove, asking Martha “How do I make them look away?!” and calling for a weapon to fight them off. Ross makes things worse by insisting you can get Zika virus from a lobster bite.

4) Martha Subtly Snubs Model Ashley Graham

Once the quartet settles in to enjoy the fruits of their labor, Martha expertly demonstrates how to extract the tail meat from the lobster shell. Graham wonders out loud if Martha always instructs her dinner party guests on how to eat their food, to which Martha answers, “Well no, most of my friends know how to do it.” (Read: My friends are much wealthier than yours.) Burn.

5) Martha Reveals Barbra Streisand’s Strange Bathroom Habits

In what may be the weirdest edition of show-and-tell of all time, Martha brings a fancy-looking toilet paper holder from her home and explains it was actually a gift from Barbra Streisand. “I invited Barbra Streisand to stay at my house, and she didn’t like the fact that she had to turn slightly to reach the toilet paper” — so she had her own toilet paper stands delivered to Martha’s house. Rich people are a strange breed.

Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party airs Monday nights at TK p.m. PST/EST on VH1.

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