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Pike Place Chowder's Secret Recipe Gives the East Coast a Run For Its Money

Everything's better in a bread bowl

Clam chowder is traditionally associated with the East Coast — so much so that the two most prominent styles of the hearty soup reflect the relation in their names: New England and Manhattan. But one establishment in Seattle called Pike Place Chowder — located in the beloved Pike Place Market — began entering chowder cook-offs in the 1990s on the both coasts, and absolutely destroyed the competition with their secret recipe. Now, they're serving up steaming bowls of multiple chowder varieties to lines of locals and tourists each day.

Join Lucas Peterson, host of Dining on a Dime, as he samples this venerable East Coast dish that has been thoroughly co-opted by the Pacific Northwest. Peterson samples the New England version, thickened with milk or cream, as well as the Manhattan version, which is red because of the addition of tomatoes.

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