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Forget what they need, give them something they want

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For the wide world of food gifts beyond the edible or kitchen-centric, Eater has you covered. This list is the place to look for stocking stuffers, co-worker Secret Santa presents, and delightful stuff to give yourself — to stock a bookshelf, adorn a jean jacket, or turn your cellphone into a waterfall of glitter and french fries.

The 2016 Eater Gift Guide

Food Thoughts Pencil Set

Let your writing utensil speak for you. These pencils boldly display such wisdom as "MY SOULMATE IS A PIECE OF BREAD" and "I’VE NEVER MET A CHEESE I DIDN’T LIKE," which we’re pretty sure are undeniably truths.

Jac Vanek // $9

Snack Break Pins

A little cheeky, a little silly, and just plain adorable (that boba tea! unreal), these pins are the perfect way to wear your food-related feelings on your sleeve — or lapel, or tote bag.

Whiskey Pin // Gilly // $8
Latte Art Pin // Gilly // $8
Boba Tea Pin // Design + Happiness // $10
Nacho Pin // P&C Poolside // $10
Club Gluten Pin // P&C Poolside // $10
Beer and Coffee O’Clock // Valley Cruise Press // $15

Food Fortunes Tarot Cards

For your most indecisive friend: the deck that helps you decide where to go for dinner. 78 illustrated food and drink cards do all the thinking for you — but if you rig it to get the pizza option every time, we completely understand.

Josh Lafayette // $11

phone and keys

Veggie Temporary Tats

All of the badass with none of the permanence. Stick these in a bowl for your next party (each pack comes with a handy sponge) and watch your guests slowly start to resemble a farmers market.

Tattly // $15

The Flavor Thesaurus

Like color theory but for flavors, this book helps home cooks make exciting, informed, and sometimes unlikely ingredient pairings. Plus its reference book-style layout makes it a kitchen nerd’s dream.

Niki Segnit // $17

Guac Is Extra Keychain

The next time the person behind the counter at your local Chipotle asks you The Question, just flash them your keys. Amateur hour is over.

Various Keytags // $15

Knives & Ink

A follow-up to the pair’s first book together entitled Pen & Ink: Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them, Knives & Ink tackles the same topic, this time with a cohort of that notoriously tatted-up set: chefs. Personal stories, killer illustrations, and even some recipes to boot.

Wendy MacNaughton and Isaac Fitzgerald // $24

Glitter Junk Food Phone Case

Pizza and cheeseburgers have never looked so glam. Shake up this phone case for an instant party — and don't be afraid if you drop it.

CaseMate // $40

Pretzel Studs

These pretzel earrings are the perfect marriage of statement jewelry and carbohydrates. Did you ever think you’d be able to wear a bronze version of a street snack in your ears and still look undeniably classy?

Verameat // $68 each

Sushi Nails

A good manicure makes all the difference. Gift these sushi nail decals to the friend who really really loves sashimi — or staging the perfect Instagram picture. The bright yellow banana and pineapple nail art is just as fun.

Akiko // $18 each

Gift Guide 2016: Food / Drinks / Home / Fun

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